FDA Could Kill Millions Of Us


Forbes magazine Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes warns that the Food and Drug Administration’s foot-dragging could lead to the death usdtocad of millions of Americans. He said this FDA mistake could be the “potential catastrophe” of a “bacterial apocalypse.”

In a scathing report Forbes declares that the FDA should be overhauled to remove its capricious hurdles and he calls upon Congress to “hold hearings on the FDA’s increasingly deadly and bizarre behavior.” forbes

Forbes declares: “… today we are faced with potential catastrophe. Lethal bacteria now threaten to colonize U.S. hospitals. If nothing is done, we will be facing a bacterial apocalypse. The horrors that we thought were banished 70 years ago are coming back.”

The mistake that Forbes and the medical establishment are making uses the false premise that DRUGS HOLD THE ANSWERS TO ALL HUMAN AILMENTS. The simple fact is that your immune system toalla playa can be strengthened and modulated with complex sugars and good nutrition. Sugars are not even in the medical equation by ortha-docs. Sugars may appear in the future of tradition healthcare but only if these sugars can be used to prepare new expensive drugs.

Steve Forbes quotes David Shlaes, eshop development author of the book “Antibiotics: The Perfect Storm.” Shlaes writes: “Regulatory agencies like the FDA are contributing to the problem with a constant barrage of clinical trial requirements that make it harder, slower and more costly to develop antibiotics.”

A new study by oncologist David Stewart and his colleagues at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, notes that the time from drug discovery to marketing increased from eight years in 1960 to 12 to 15 years now.  Research is becoming more expensive, discouraging pharmaceutical companies from risking money on developing new medications that may not ultimately gain FDA approval. retroandclassicflixs

The FDA is caught between a rock and a hard place because if they approve a medication that has unintended side effects, mrtmediagmbh FDA officials will get the third degree. As a result of the FDA’s foot-dragging, the pipeline for new antibiotics is drying up, according to Forbes.

Antibiotics have saved millions of lives. Meanwhile, these same antibiotics have also caused mutated bacteria to become drug-resistant. And, VPS Hosting doctors have pumped antibiotics into many humans with viral infections and antibiotics are not effective on a virus. A new killer bacteria and/or viral pandemic is eminent and Steve Forbes is correct. It will be a “bacterial apocalypse” and no new antibiotic will save the human race. Only those with a strong modulated immune system can survive.

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