New Update Brings Improvements To The iPhone 4S Sky News Application

One reason why the iPhone 4S is such a popular device is thanks to the thousands of superb applications that are available from the popular iTunes App Store. One of the most popular applications for the iPhone 4S is the excellent Sky News applications which delivers the latest news stories direct to the handset. We take a look at the new update for this application and see what changes it has made. inpix

The Sky News application for the iPhone 4S is one of the most successful applications currently available with over 3 million downloads. The new update to this software has delivered a number of changes including a total redesign of the interface together with bocoranadminriki improved blogging facilities and more photographic images linked to every story. On the previous version of the software users would choose from a number of categories that were listed at the top of the page. These sections included categories for international news, showbiz and sport. When one of these options was selected a vertical index of relevant stories appeared on the screen. On the new version of this software once a category has been selected a featured news stories is shown at the top of the page complete with a video link. Beneath this story there are other reports relevant to splitacdubai the category that has been selected. A new section has also been created so users can now keep up to date with the latest technology news in addition to all of the other areas that the application covers.

Numerous other improvements are present on version 2.0 of Sky News for the iPhone 4S. Navigation within the software has been improved so users now have the ability to swipe between different news stories rather than having to return to the home page kjro to access different reports. Not only do all reports now feature relevant images but they can also include interactive photographs and graphics and some reports even include live blogs where users can post there thoughts on the issues that have been highlighted. If your phone has a 3G or WiFi connection available you can also opt to watch a live broadcast of what the main Sky News television channel is currently transmitting. Andrew Hawken from Sky News commented, “This is a big step forward for our iPhone app. We are constantly striving to make the user experience the very best across all our platforms. I know our customers will enjoy the more intuitive approach we have created within the app as well as the richer and more in depth news experience it offers”.

Sky News is arguably the best iPhone 4S application for keeping up to date with what is happening in the news both nationally and globally. The improvements implemented by this new update improve what was already a polished and informative application. florbiz


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