Telephone Call Tracking Features You Might Want to Know

Phone call tracking may be the ultimate way to find out if online and offline advertising campaigns are working. If you have launched various marketing campaigns for your business you should be able to track all of them in order to be sure that you are spending on the right marketing channel. But to be able to do it, you will need a business solution that can give you the information that can help to take your business to a higher level.

Basically, call tracking works to tell the business owner or manager which of his marketing campaigns or advertising channels is getting responses from his target market. This is done by assigning a unique, trackable phone number to each of his marketing campaigns. This is a way to optimize your leads and to avoid wasting money on marketing strategies that do not deliver results. Here are some of the helpful features of a call tracing system:

1. Call Recording

A call tracker basically records all incoming calls that go through a tracking number that’s set up for your business. The tracking number works to gather marketing call tracking important information such as customer feedback and how your agents handle customer inquiries. This can help to make you identify leads and training that your marketing staff may need.

2. Call Tagging

Tagging refers to the process of labeling calls based on the quality of your marketing leads. This is an effective way of identifying the potential of the calls to be converted into sales. Knowing the sales potentials can help you to follow-up on productive leads and avoid wasting time and effort on callers that are not interested in buying.

3. Lead Scoring

This is a call tracking feature that allows you to assign a score calls based on specific criteria you use to measure the quality of the leads. You may measure lead quality on the prospect’s readiness to buy, financial capability, and real purpose for calling, as some callers make a call just to gather information. Lead scoring can help to provide the exact information which of your marketing campaigns is delivering quality leads.

4. Goal Setting

A good call tracking solution has a feature that enables you to set ROI (Return of Investment) goals for specific campaigns. If you want to set a specific amount from a specific marketing campaign, you can make the system track this for you and once your goal is met, the system will alert you by text or email.

Call tracking is an important tool in business. Its feature can provide you with critical information that can help you to identify quality leads and prevent you from wasting money on ineffective marketing campaigns.


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